About Capital Campaign/Expansion

About Capital Campaign/Expansion

The ultimate goal  is to provide better services within an expanded, more open facility and to bring the Library to a new level, worthy of the Town of Pound Ridge and consistent with 21st century demands on the Library.

Currently, there is a Capital Improvement Campaign in progress with the goal of raising $3 million to meet these needs.  The five-year campaign, which is seeking tax-deductible contributions from individuals, foundations, and area businesses, is being conducted by the Pound Ridge Library Foundation. In response to the economic conditions which began at the end of 2008, the capital campaign has been extended. The core of the campaign will be voluntary contributions which donors can make in a single installment or with formal three or five year pledges.  $865,000 has been raised so far.

After a period of planning and evaluation, Donald McDonald, an architect specializing in library design, was asked by the District Board to draw up a plan addressing what it had found to be the Library’s current shortcomings and future needs. In addition, MacDonald’s charge was to respect the integrity of the original historic building, work within the parameters of its site, and produce a design in harmony with the Library’s Hamlet location.

MacDonald’s proposed design, attached to this document, would add 4,728 square feet to the current building and make it fully handicapped accessible.  The one-floor plan would create an expanded and better equipped children’s section –one of the Library’s most actively used features– in the current Schaffner Room area, now dedicated to community gatherings, concerts, exhibitions and other events. In turn, a new community room would be built at the back of the building. Technology enhancements, youth study areas, staff workspace, and a new entrance are also part of the new design.

It is estimated that the project will cost $3 million. Details on the Library’s Renovation Project, including drawings and the rationale for the project can be found at the Library’s web site www.poundridgelibrary.org. The Library Foundation will be holding a series of public and private meetings to provide information about the project and to solicit town residents’ input and support.

Because this is a long term project, your Library District Board of Trustees actively reviews the plans to insure they meet the anticipated needs of future generations. The Board currently has appointed an Expansion Committee to fulfill this objective.

The Foundation asks individuals, businesses, and foundations to make special tax-deductible contributions towards expanding and improving the Library.