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and English Language at Edinburgh has an outstanding international reputation in many areas of researchAssistant professor, applied linguistics. should choose this programme if you wish to specialise in an area of english language or english linguistics.

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the phd in applied linguistics by thesis and coursework programme has specific requirements concerning periods you will need to be in lancaster, i. cannot process your phd application unless you include a research proposal, preferably on our research proposal form setting out what research you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you intend to carry it out.

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you formulate your proposal, you should look carefully through the department of language and linguistic science web pages to identify staff members who might be able to supervise your research. english linguistics, including the syntax, morphology, and phonology from the earliest periods to the present day.

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we will look especially carefully at your performance in areas related to linguistics and language study. will need to submit a research proposal with your application.

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can find advice on how to write your research proposal, as well as the form which the department requires, at the top of the page. use your research proposal:To help us assess your suitability for research.

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» language and linguistic science» postgraduate study» phd in linguistics» research proposal. is expected that you will have studied or worked in linguistics or an area of language related to your intended topic of research.


and english language homeprospective studentspostgraduatepostgraduate research programmesguidelines for writing a research proposal. application and your proposal form are considered by the phd admissions committee of the department.

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to provide them with a summary of the best resources in a few subfields of linguistics. make your research proposal as detailed and specific as you can.

Research Proposal - Language and Linguistic Science, The

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this page for all students in the department of linguistics with the. please complete the appropriate document for the programme you want to apply for and include it with your online application:Phd linguistics (by research only).

can offer expert supervision across a wide range of topics:Developmental linguistics, including first and second language acquisition. must download and save the proposal form to your computer before completing, you will not be able to save changes to the form if you open with the browser.

of philosophy, psychology and language sciences linguistics and english language. offer two masters level research programmes:You should choose this programme if you wish to specialise in an area of linguistics covered by our research expertise.

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