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. a friend’s address) on their resume to make it appear they live there? never had much trouble though it did take somewhat longer to get jobs than friends looking locally (between 12-18 months). (these emails confirm that it’s not something else in my resume/history, since they indicate that if i were local they’d offer an interview). this can cause problems; if your current job is located in one city and your address is far away, the hiring manager will probably be confused or concerned that your address is misleading. it be better to just wait until my term ends, move to my new city, get a job at the local godiva (i worked there in college, so it would be easy to connect with them) and then start applying for positions in my field? i didn't use his address; i was up front about still living in seattle, but i made sure to address my plans to move very directly in my e-mail/cover letter.

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thinking is that using a friend’s or family member’s address for that other state you wish to move is a massive risk, gievn application questions and background checks. from what i am gathering, i think if out of state, or even out of country (like i am), the best thing to do is to relocate and get a address (esp in nyc). you can't apply with a local address and then tell the employer that you need time or reimbursement for relocation.) perhaps my next step should be to use a local address and spend more time there, as it is only a 2 1/2 hour flight. as soon as they realized i wasn't local, they said, "oh, well, let us know when you live here." perhaps others feel differently, but if it's the address you would live at while getting started, i see no harm.

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How to Create a Resume With a College and Home Address | Chron


"although i have been successful in my current position, i am eager to make a permanent move back to boise, idaho.: anon @ 8:06, when i used a friend's local address, i simply wrote "2000-2010" on my resume, instead of "2000-current". and/or permanent address (where an employer can send you mail). i think its true if your skills are in demand and can’t be found locally you have shot but there is an overflow of skilled workers right now. any case, there are a few things non-local job-seekers can do that will help:* state in your cover letter that you are planning to move to to the area soon (and possibly explain why, if your reasons are ones you’re willing to share, as that can make employers more comfortable moving forward with an out-of-state applicant). peter, you aren’t the first person on here to mention that it is useful to use a local address specially in nyc.

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, permanent and/or cell phone number (where you are prepared to accept employer phone calls). of the posters suggested using a friend’s local address when applying in another state. the hyperlink from your email address when you type it in, otherwise it prints in blue ink.(that said, if i were choosing between two great candidates who were equally qualified in every way and i needed a deal-breaker, i’d go with the local person over the long-distance person — because (a) they can generally start sooner and (b) if it ended up not working out, i’d feel a lot less guilty firing someone who didn’t move for the job. folks try to get an edge in a long-distance job search by fudging the address. for everyone: if you put a local address and your resume still has that you work at your other job in the other city, how would that look to employers?

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in fact, i’m not so sure that you can assume that these are positions you “would easily be asked” to interview for if you were local — not because i know anything about your qualifications, but because no one is having an easy time getting interviews right now, local or not. when my fiancee moved permanently and got us a place, i continued to stay where i was at but i used our new address as the address on my resume, thinking that if i was contacted for an interview they would expect that i would have to make some kind of arrangement with my current job and i would have driven all night just for the opportunity.’ve got to keep in mind that even local job-searching is really hard right now. they really do not care if you are temporarily staying at a friend’s house, moving to a local address, or what your living arrangements are. i’m guess i’m referring to those who use an out-of-state address (e. please be sure your address, email and phone are current as this is where the employer will reach you to arrange an interview.

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    thing to add to my comment above about using a local address: make sure you update your social media sites to match your resume! there are plentiful local candidates, that's when it sometimes isn't worth an employer's while to deal with non-locals. if i find you also have an address in another city, it's not the end of the world, and i don't consider it being "lied to. thing that could be working against you is that if recruiters are searching in a resume database with the parameters of "within 50 miles of zip code 12345", your resume isn't going to show up in their results unless you do borrow a friend's local address. by then, you will have checked out the local apartment or house where you want to live and be ready to sign a lease. yes, the bar can be higher if you’re not local — although it really depends on the position.
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    can also use google voice to get a free local phone number that automatically routes to your phone number. am okay if you use a local address, even if it's just a friend's. this is the case — where local candidates are hard to come by — i think it's a whole different ballgame. is there a problem with omitting your local address from a resume/cv and only using your email and cell number? what i did is used a local address and paid for my own travel. i am applying for positions that i am well qualified for and would easily be asked for an interview if i was local.

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