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12 Things Web Developers Must Include in Their Portfolios

The Power of a Programming Portfolio

your problem solving mentality guide you as you build up two key assets to finding that first job - your resume and a portfolio. you have job experience that gives you projects that you can discuss, a portfolio may not be as important, but regardless of where you get your projects from, it is very helpful to have them listed as part of your experience on your resume. when you’re a student or new graduate (and even after that too) there is a strong sense among programmers that everyone is working together to find great answers to common problems.

The Power of a Programming Portfolio

What every computer science major should know

out a midlevel computer programmer resume sample and an experienced computer programmer resume sample for additional resume format tips. i wish my portfolio could even begin to approach this level of cool. well, this is the linkedin profile of the guy with the most awesome portfolio site i’ve even seen.

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3-5 projects with quantifiable descriptions in your portfolio at minimum. don’t go to them begging to get hired, but ask if your resume suits the kind of work you want to do or the kind of programmer they love to hire. use your portfolio to target the type of work you do prefer. Short essay of narration 

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are a few basic things every portfolio site must have:Your name and picture. premium themesitepoint themessitepoint wordpress portfolio themea beautiful, responsive, portfolio theme for creatives - photographers, designers, writers, developers - that shows off your skills and work to potential clients.’s okay if you sculpt your portfolio a bit by showing only the work you like.

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maybe this will be of use to be able to connect to different social networks for designer to showcase their portfolio. computer science industry is cutting edge and exciting but don’t forget conventional wisdom as well in preparing your resume and portfolio. Here's a guide to building a portfolio site that will get people's attention.


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already mentioned robby’s site above, because this is truly the greatest portfolio site i’ve even seen. interviews are important part of a programmer's career and it starts with a great technical resume and portfolio. i have been designing websites for nearly 10 years and we have had many versions of our website and the portfolio page.

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let your resume and portfolio show you as the smart, ambitious programmer that has taken on and completed programming challenges that you are! a portfolio that is cumbersome to find will hurt you. your portfolio site as the equivalent of sending in a job application, convincing prospects why they should hire you.

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this article i will show you some useful tips for making a portfolio site, along with some great live examples. before creating a portfolio i should have some work under my belt yes? not having a portfolio online can keep you from moving forward to the phone interview, especially if they may have you in a “maybe” pile.

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if your pieces don’t have a clear goal behind them, they’re going to come off as vague and unfocused to the reader and will not be passed on to any programmers. primary role of the resume/portfolio combination in computer science is to present you as a candidate worth contacting usually to an intermediary like a hiring manager or recruiter. portfolio may or may not be viewed, but it’s always a great idea to have a website, a github account, or something online that a potential interviewer can read.

Write a greeting letter, the end if you analyse the visitors to your site and your portfolio page visits you should have a good idea whether it works for your market. tamerlan is more proficient in back-end coding, and makes excellent use of his portfolio by showing his position for each project. had the same feeling too, which is why when i did my own portfolio site i took those annoyances into consideration. Write a letter congratulation on promotion - highlights: enterprise application development, security, java/c/vb programming, it project management, database programming, web design, computer architecture. position yourself through your resume and portfolio as a curious experimenter with skills, and you will be the type of candidate top companies are hiring! to create a portfolio site that will get you hired..

of those portfolios are like example collections of old and new way to fill sites with pointless bling that kills usability. for ideas, check out this sample resume for an entry-level computer programmer that isaacs created below, or download the entry-level computer programmer resume template in word. a professional linkedin profile is surely a good start, but if you really want people’s attention you need to market yourself with a portfolio site.

premium theme premium themesitepoint themes, 5 days agositepoint wordpress restaurant theme premium theme premium themesitepoint themes, 7 days agositepoint wordpress ecommerce theme premium theme premium themesitepoint themes, feb 24sitepoint wordpress portfolio theme. if you like working in computer graphics, list the renderer that you built to teach yourself 3d math and give some stats on how it performs. i also believe that you need to connect your personal portfolio with social networks so potential employers and other designers will be able to find you easier.  Www woodlands junior kent sch uk homework egypt writing htm- might wonder what a video game has to do with an online portfolio. the competition is fierce, but a portfolio site is a great project to work on in your spare time. all things, remember that computer science professionals value curiosity and experimentation.

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