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i'm talking about documentation, usually defined as the second-to-last step in the project life cycle. when you document your work, you are now also a documentation developer. your documentation should be free of misspelling and grammatical errors. 2015, the european association for technical communication published a competence framework for the professional field of technical communication. was curious if that was still true today, and if so, why documentation is not given the media coverage it deserves. most writers prefer to wait until the draft is complete before any revising so they don't break their flow. even if you don't want to or it is inappropriate to share information between the documents, you can benefit from topics in one document that will prompt you to include additional documentation in the other. some individuals are designated as technical communicators or technical writers. new technologies will continue to be created to help create more effective documentation that is less costly to develop. if you are working on a document or any other project that is labor intensive and have accidentally lost part or all of your work, you can go back to a previous version. a very important philosophy when it comes to writing good technical documentation. all of these documents should be neatly organized and stored together in a safe and known place. if you are doing the documentation, change your mindset so that you place yourself in the shoes of a new system user. setting aside blocks of an hour or more, in a place free of distractions, helps the writer maintain a flow. is a vanishingly small number of people,Compared to people who will use your code when properly documented. will be amazed at what you will learn when you sit a person down to work with your software and documentation for the first time. if you are documenting the building of a server, a network, or any other it system, start with a clean partition and build everything from scratch. assign each set of documentation with a letter number system.

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the outline is complete, the writer begins the first draft, following the outline's structure. lot of people have never contributed before,And documentation changes are a lot less scary than code changes. old adage a picture is worth a thousand words means that by using pictures to augment your text, you can minimize the length and complexity of your documentation. it was obvious to me that his knowledge was unique to him and needed to be shared with the rest of the team, and what better way to do that than to properly document his work? key to writing good technical documentation is in the format of the document. what the purpose of the documentation is such as work instructions, vendor instructions, knowledge base or other type. the characters you see in this image:A beginner’s guide to writing documentation¶. the abstract describes the subject, so that the reader knows what the document covers. please note that there are two subsets of documentation i will be discussing, end user documentation and system/internal documentation. free to read this document straight through,Or simply use it as a reference. the society for technical communication defines the field as any form of communication that focuses on technical or specialized topics, communicates specifically by using technology or provides instructions on how to do something. writing good technical documentation is time consuming, but well worth the effort. seems to be an unwritten rule in the realm of the code that programming skills are inversely proportional to the amount of documentation programmers have to do. technical communicators may put the information they capture into paper documents, web pages, computer-based training, digitally stored text, audio, video, and other media. he looked at the how to build a reporting sever document and, to paraphrase, commented how good the documentation was and that he should be able to build a reporting server using my documentation. they ensure that technical writing reflects formatting, punctuation, and general stylistic standards that the audience expects. although documentation can and should occur at any point in the project life cycle, i will be focusing my tips on the documentation phase. with an outline of the document indentifying the different sections of the document.

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you don’t write for many months,It is a lot harder to start writing again. you should document these so that if people write code, they can do things in the norm of the project. i documented some notes marked important pc notes please read and left a shortcut on the desktop. the documentation expert needed access to my beta system and access to me so that i could answer questions. the body is the majority of the document and covers topics in depth. would suggest that you identify key personnel and task them to document their processes and procedures now. once you have a good template use it for each new document you write. i also created an audio file that documented the features and use of the computer. you print out your documentation you can put it in a binder and label it. no one wants to write about it, read about it, or actually have to do it. it states in the documentation listing:"documentation is a vital part of developing and using a computer-based system. this point, the writer performs a mechanical edit, checking the document for grammar, punctuation, common word confusions, passive voice, overly long sentences, etc. you want to write the documentation at the level of the person reading it. to this end, technical communicators typically distinguish quotations, paraphrases, and summaries when taking notes. this step, the writer revises the draft to elaborate on topics that need more attention, shorten other sections—and relocate certain paragraphs, sentences, or entire topics. technical communication serves a particular purpose—typically to communicate ideas and concepts to an audience, or instruct an audience a particular task. wait until you have a final draft before you format the document. same mindset can be used to anticipate problems that might arise in your documentation.

Introduction to Technical Writing/Documentation

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that is a real shame because a programmer with good documentation skills is a valuable asset to the company. alan is currently semi-retired and starting a new career as a writer for techrepublic. for example, if bank workers don't properly post deposits, a technical communicator would review existing instructional material (or lack thereof), interview bank workers to identify conceptual errors, interview subject matter experts to learn the correct procedures, author new material that instructs workers in the correct procedures, and test the new material on the bank workers. perhaps he figured that if i could write an interesting article about documentation, i could write about almost anything! it is time to polish the document and format it. are some essential steps to take in order to produce quality documentation. here is an example of documentation with pictures:Previous versions in vista business, ultimate, and enterprise. i haven't already convinced you that creating good documentation is good for you and your employer, take comfort in this fact — creating good documentation is not just a menial task. if you are in a non-managerial position, documentation is an annoying nuisance that gets in the way of your real work. on the subject most technical documentation should be broken down into four areas. are just a few examples of alternative ways to document. elusive be all and end all documentation software package has yet to be developed, but there are a number of useful documentation tools that are designed for specific documentation tasks. who will be reading the documentation will help you determine the depth and word usage. not exactly fun, documentation can be rewarding when done correctly. scene above is well known to everyone who writes for a living;. in some commercial organizations, 20 to 40% of the total development effort goes into the documentation of the new system, recording how the new system is to work and how it was developed. software such as microsoft word allows you to save a document as a template. find and use a professional translator to make the documentation understandable so that important information is not lost in translation.

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writing the initial draft, the technical communicator organizes ideas in a way that makes the document flow well. communication is a means to convey scientific, engineering, or other technical information. if things happen all the time, you should probably fix your documentation or the code, so that the problems go away. and it wasn't a compliment for the main project work — it was for the documentation. if you are a manager or project lead, documentation is critical to the success of the project.[4] the european association for technical communication briefly defines technical communication as "the process of defining, creating and delivering information products for the safe, efficient and effective use of products (technical systems, software, services)". in the united states, many consider the chicago manual of style the bible for general technical communication. often, a professional technical writer edits such work to bring it up to modern technical communication standards. technical writing process can be divided into six broad steps:Determine purpose and audience. documentation will start you down the road to being a better technical writer,Which is a useful skill to have as a programmer.[2][3] more succinctly, the institute of scientific and technical communicators defines technical communication as factual communication, usually about products and services. one time i had a dedicated documentation expert work with me to document my system was at hughes aircraft company. this day and age of global marketing, sales, and support, documentation should also follow country or regional standards. having documented processes and procedures helps you retain some of that knowledge. put a copy of the log sheet on the location the documentation is stored for easy reference.$project will solve your problem of where to start with documentation,By providing a basic explanation of how to do it easily.^ defining technical communication[dead link] at the stc official website.#9: coordinate the development of the end user documentation with the internal/system documentation.

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opinion of the documentation phase of the project life cycle likely depends on your role in the it organization. documentation should anticipate these problems and provide a detailed plan and instructions for system recovery. by using a template for each type of documentation you write your readers will find it easier to use. your projects documented will keep you writing at a reasonable cadence. here you want to get down all of the information that will be in the document. log each set of documentation including the reference number (ns-21), the title of the documentation (network support – troubleshooting connectivity issues), the location of the soft copy of the document, the author of the document and the last revision date. technical communicators often work with a range of specific subject-matter experts (smes) on these educational projects. documentation errors like this are easy to miss and can lead to potentially large costs to the manufacturer. look at these new tools as opportunities to reduce the time and cost of the documentation process. technical communication is important to most professions, as a way to contain and organize information and maintain accuracy. modern technical writing style relies on attributes that contribute to clarity: headings, lists, graphics; generous white space, short sentences, present tense, simple nouns, active voice[8] (though some scientific applications still use the passive voice), second and third person as required. the definition of technical communication, the overarching goal of the practice is to create easily accessible information for a specific audience. you don’t have documentation,You will miss out on a whole class of contributors.[1] individuals in a variety of contexts and with varied professional credentials engage in technical communication. technical communicators must acknowledge all sources they use to produce their work. some companies give considerable technical communication responsibility to other technical professionals—such as programmers, engineers, and scientists. documentation should be easy to read, easy for the reader to understand and well organized. this is more expensive and not all companies have the resources to allocate to professional documentation, but the results can be excellent if the system builder can verify that important information is not misinterpreted or left out of the end product.

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avoid this problem by using a letter and number reference system for your documentation. these individuals use a set of methods to research, document, and present technical processes or products. communication jobs include the following:[3] api writer, e-learning author, information architect, technical content developer, technical editor, technical illustrator, technical trainer, technical translator, technical writer, usability expert, user experience designer, and user interface designer. if your software has known issues (developers like to call them issues; end users call them bugs), document a workaround and provide it to your users and the help desk. information changes continuously and technical communications (technical manuals, interactive electronic technical manuals, technical bulletins, etc. best reason to write docs is because you will be using your code in 6 months. system/internal documentation was changed to note the y2k compliance or noncompliance of software and systems. it is this humble writer's opinion that new ways to document are underutilized and underestimated for their simplicity and potential impact in today's corporate environment. if forced, programmers will document their work, or at least make an attempt to create something that will pass as documentation. if you know your targeted user base, your documentation needs to be written so that anyone with only basic computer skills can read it and learn how to properly use the system. was very fortunate that i had a former engineer who was also excellent at writing documentation. ns for network support and this is document number 21 in the network support reference library. english-speaking documentation pros to learn (they never do) and write in chinese, i imagine their englese would sound the same to the chinese-speaking people. busy audiences often don't have time to read entire documents, so content must be organized for ease of searching—for example by frequent headings, white space, and other cues that guide attention. the y2k problem also illustrates the need for continual document updating. this process, known as the 'writing process', has been a central focus of writing theory since the 1970s, and some contemporary textbook authors apply it to technical communication. for example, a professional writer may work with a company to produce a user manual. creativity can and should be considered when developing your documentation, depending on the standards and expectations of your company.

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i had to create and present documentation on how to build a reporting server. once each idea is organized, the writer organizes the document as a whole—accomplishing this task in various ways: chronological: used for documents that involve a linear process, such as a step-by-step guide that describes how to accomplish something; parts of an object: used for documents that describe the parts of an object, such as a graphic showing the parts of a computer (keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc. writing as a discipline usually requires that a technical writer use a style guide. it will save you time and will produce consistent looking documentation.[dead link] at the official website of the technical communicators association of new zealand. feedback during the documentation process can help you make the overall project more successful. the goal is to document their knowledge so you may retain it. i could not find a lot of information on the costs of documentation during the project life cycle. a non-technical audience might misunderstand or not even read a document that is heavy with jargon—while a technical audience might crave detail critical to their work. your documentation needs to be shared and added to the documentation of other team members. for it professionals whose job is to develop working systems, many may consider admitting the actual costs of documentation as embarrassing or reflecting poorly on their productivity and work.^ competence framework for technical communication at the tekom europe official website. documentation is a different form of writing than most people have experience with. technical communicators often work collaboratively to create deliverables that include online help, user manuals, classroom training guides, computer-based training, white papers, specifications, industrial videos, reference cards, data sheets, journal articles, patents, and forms and documents. although you don't want to create a colorful novel, humanize the document just enough with some of your personality so that a reader will feel a little more comfortable while reading it. second greatest compliment ever paid to me in my career was when i had to give a presentation to our global technical support team. typically, the writer should start with the easiest section, and write the summary only after the body is drafted. organizing the whole document, the writer typically creates a final outline that shows the document structure.

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technical communication professionals use various techniques to understand the audience and, when possible, test content on the target audience. they are easier to follow and allow you to better support the documentation when used by someone else. document how to get help and interact with the community around a project. found that using agent saved me from having to write many tedious pages of documentation that detailed the steps necessary to create, save, and modify new records. i'm not sure why mark decided to offer me the opportunity to discuss such a daunting subject as documentation for my first article. now you do not have to hunt through the document looking for what the caller is referring to. begin the documentation process, technical communicators identify the audience and their information needs., a sales manager who wonders which of two sites is better for a new store might ask a marketing professional to study the sites and write a report with recommendations. as the body of information comes together, the technical communicator ensures that the intended audience can understand the content and retrieve the information they need. in general, the personal writing style of the writer is not evident in technical writing. the person who replaces you know where to find your documentation and any purchased vendor application documentation? but just mention the word document to a programmer and you will be given that "you've got to be kidding" look. that can be difficult to do at first, but if you pay attention to details and fully document all features and functions, you can create documentation that doesn't assume that the user can figure out information and procedures you have failed to include. i got to see first hand the other side of documentation. the technical communicator researches and structures the content into a framework that can guide detailed development. most often, to address a particular audience, a technical communicator must consider what qualities make a text useful (capable of supporting a meaningful task) and usable (capable of being used in service of that task).: technical writerstechnical communicationwriting occupationsmedia occupationshidden categories: all articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from november 2016pages using isbn magic linksall articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from october 2012. what will your manager remember at performance review time if another person had to do the documentation for your project?

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