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Wireless Transmission of Electrical Power Overview of Recent

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this paper, we introduce online electric vehicle (olev) system which is a roadway-powered electric vehicle system, and explain the design of power lines under the road. researchers have not come up with any solution to this problem yet. paper develops the idea of wireless power transfer system for high power application.

Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer

, a portmanteau for "wireless electricity", is a trademark of witricity corporation referring to their devices and processes which use a form of wireless energy transfer, the ability to provide electrical energy to remote objects without wires using oscillating magnetic fields. paper presents a method for wireless powering of multiple electronic devices placed in an over-moded 2. focused on a unique pattern of resonator, named double spiral resonator in wpt via resonance coupling, which is suitable for printing on ultra-thin and cheap substrates such as paper or film with ink-jet printing technology, concluding design trade-offs for the fabrication of double spiral resonator by investigating different structural parameters' effect on peak transmission efficiency.

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Review Paper on Wireless Power Transmission

paper reports thermal analysis of a 35kw wireless power transfer (wpt) pickup module to keep the system's efficiency at different temperatures. this paper a qi-standard compliant compact wireless power charger system, composed of a wireless power transmitter and a wireless power receiver, is presented. this paper compares an optimal loop-based design in standard scmr systems with misalignment insensitive system (3d and 3loop structure), which exhibits higher efficiency than typical scmr devices in several directions in a sphere.

2013 IEEE Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

witricity was a term introduced bydave gerding in the year 2005 and later used by a research team headed by professor marin soljacic. the simple meaning for the term can be wireless electricity. in this paper, a rigorous modeling, including frequency-dependent losses, of a wireless power transfer system based on roy.

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