Supporting the Pound Ridge Library

Supporting the Pound Ridge Library

With the support of the community, we can improve our outdated facilities and meet the needs of TODAY. 

Since 1952, the Pound Ridge Library’s core mission has been to provide free and equal access to information for every resident, of any age and income. The resources of the Library, through its own collections and its inter-library borrowing capability, are irreplaceable and enhance the quality of life for every single household in Pound Ridge.

The Pound Ridge Library is also the cultural hub of our community. For over fifty years, the vast majority of activities that bring neighbors together and provide the essence of a vital community have taken place at the Library. By providing room to local groups and organizations, by hosting its own cultural events, and by engaging in cooperative ventures with other agencies, the Library has become the focal point for the civic and cultural activity of Pound Ridge.

However, the Library that was created with generosity and foresight in 1952 needs to adapt to the Pound Ridge of today if it is to fulfill its mission.  Not only does the Library serve a much larger population than it originally did, but also the volume of information –the Library’s primary “product”— and the ways of accessing it have changed radically in the last twenty-five years.

The facilities and services that were adequate for many years are no longer so. The Library’s ability to deliver services is hampered by facilities that are too small for the number of users and inadequate for the types and number of needs that must be addressed.

You can help us reach our goals.